A Debate About Atheism and Theism in the Black Community

Fortunately, many informative, engaging videos on YouTube provide rich debate and insight about atheism and theism, i.e., non-believe and belief. The following is one of many videos we plan to share with our subscribers. We invite your comments and suggestions for other videos.

The discussion between Dr. Sean, Chavonne Taylor, and Sikivu Hutchinson revolved around the interpretation of atheism, particularly within the Black community. They acknowledged that atheism entails a lack of belief in gods or supernatural deities, while agnosticism involves questioning the existence of such entities. They agreed that atheists and agnostics can be considered free thinkers due to their tendency to question and challenge dogma.

What Is Atheism?

However, the debate surfaced differing views on the scope of atheism. Dr. Sean and Chavonne Taylor suggested that atheism could be as nonsensical as religious belief if it’s taken to mean absolute certainty in the non-existence of gods. They argued that atheism, like belief systems, should not be about absolute certainty but rather questioning and challenging established norms.

Sikivu Hutchinson, on the other hand, maintained that atheists don’t believe in any form of intelligent designer or arbiter of ethics, morals, values, and justice. She also touched on the role of the Black Church in the community. While acknowledging its historical, socio-economic, and cultural relevance, she criticized its treatment of queer, trans, and gender non-conforming individuals.

The debate also delved into the concept of Christian Fascism, a term used by Hutchinson to describe the struggle against religious extremism for the rights of working-class women of color. The conversation underscored the complexities and nuances of atheism, particularly within the context of the Black community.

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